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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I invest in Foxby Corp.?

Foxby Corp.’s common stock is traded on the OTC market, a nationally recognized electronic trading market, under the trading symbol FXBY. Shares may be bought and sold through brokerage firms. Your broker will be able to assist you. For information on reinvesting your FXBY dividend distributions at a discount, call the Transfer Agent toll-free 1-469-633-0101.

2. Who manages the Fund's investments?

The Fund is managed by Midas Management Corporation, a subsidiary of Winmill & Co. Incorporated.

3. Do the Fund's shares trade at a discount or premium? How do I find out which and by how much?

Third party websites may provide this information. Any such site compares the NAV at the close of the most recent business day to that day’s closing market price of FXBY shares, and shows the amount of the discount or premium.

4. Can my dividends be sent directly to my bank account?

Yes, the Transfer Agent, Securities Transfer Corporation, Shareholder Services, 2901 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 380, Plano, Texas 75093 will send your dividends to your bank account upon request. To obtain the appropriate form, please call the Transfer Agent toll-free at 1-469-633-0101.

5. Who do I notify of an address change?

The Transfer Agent. Be sure to call the Transfer Agent, 1-469-633-0101, for complete instructions that may require a signature guarantee, which can be obtained from a bank or registered securities dealer.

6. If I want to give shares to children, grandchildren, or a charity, for example, how do I do it?

Call or write to the Transfer Agent stating your gift plans and the Agent will send you the instructions and necessary forms to make the transfer. A charity will normally supply forms.

7. How do I replace a lost certificate(s) or correct a spelling error on my certificate?

The Fund no longer issues stock certificates. The transfer agent will create an account for the stockholder with the shares held in book entry form.

Escheatment/Inactive Accounts. In accordance with applicable state escheatment law, if shareholder contact does not occur on any account maintained by our transfer agent within the timeframe specified by that applicable law, or if our mailings to a shareholder are returned as undeliverable during that timeframe, the assets in that account (shares and/or any uncashed checks) may be transferred to that state as unclaimed property. NOTE: If you fail to have such contact and maintain a deliverable address with our transfer agent, your property may be escheated to your last known state of residency after which you will need to claim the property from that state.