Foxby Corp.

Press Releases

  February 22, 2017
  Foxby Corp. NAV Now Available Under Ticker XFXBX

  December 20, 2016
  Foxby Corp. Declares Distribution

  December 9, 2015
  Foxby Corp. Declares Distribution

  December 2, 2013
  Foxby Corp. Declares Distribution

  October 9, 2012
  Foxby Corp. Announces Shareholder Approval of New Investment Management Agreement

  June 19, 2012
  Foxby Corp. Announces Approval of Interim Investment Management Agreement

  June 1, 2012
  Foxby Corp. Declares Distribution

  October 24, 2008
  Foxby Corp. Announces Effectiveness of Delisting its Common Stock.

  October 14, 2008
  Foxby Corp. Files to Delist its Common Stock.

  October 3, 2008
  Foxby Corp. Announces Intention to Voluntarily Delist Common Stock from American Stock Exchange.  

  December 18, 2007
  Foxby Corp. Distribution.  

  December 5, 2007
  Foxby Corp. Distribution Estimate.  

  January 5, 2006
  Foxby Litigation Settled; Shaker Sells Stake.  

  September 15, 2004
  Foxby Corp. Announces Results of Meeting.  

  October 28, 2003
  Foxby Corp. Announces Important Change in Investment Policy.

  July 14, 2003
  Internet Growth Fund Changes name to Foxby Corp.

  September 13, 2002
  Internet Growth Fund Announces Changes 

  July 15, 2002
  Fund Announces New Investment Manager and Name: Internet Growth Fund 

  May 15, 2002
  LCM Internet Growth Fund Announces Proposed Change in Investment Advisor


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